One of the simplest drills you can do for improving your acceleration phase of the 40 yard dash is by performing wall drills. These require no high tech equipment and produce great results.

In the 40 yard dash the longer you can accelerate the faster the time you can run. Forward body lean is essential to acceleration.

Wall Drills force your body to feel and fire at an exaggerated acceleration angle. When performed properly it fires the hip flexors and gives you that burst off the start.

For 40 yard dash specific walls drills implement my breathing technique with each set (To learn my proper breathing technique get my Combine Freak Training System) Remember that each set should be short burst with your key thought being keeping the knees firing up and the feet landing back. You want to maintain a 45 degree agle throughout the upper and lower body.

If your hip flexors fatigue or are in-flexible, the body will break the 45 degree angle and you will not be able to maintain the leg drive. You will look as if you are doing a butt kick warmup drill. This is not what we want to do.

While Wall Drills are just one exercise they allow you to feel acceleration an ultimately will enhance your 40 yard dash.

Keep Training hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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stretchOften one of the most overlooked areas in speed enhancement in particular the 40 yard dash is flexibility training.

Often athletes perform endless bouts of static stretching. Many experts have advocated that static stretches should be held for up to 60 sec. For years, this was known as the gold standard in flexibility training. This type of stretching decreases the blood flow and increases lactic acid production not to mention fatigues the muscles.

This can be potentially performance limiting before an event like the 40 yard dash.

So how do you stretch without this occurring? Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is effective for flexibility enhancement and optimal physiological function. With this type of stretching you hold the stretch for no longer then 2 seconds. This allows the targeted muscle to lengthen without the activation of the stretch reflex in the muscle. This allows the muscles to be stretched in a relaxed state for optimal lengthening. This is repeated over a series of 10-12 repetitions.

This type of stretching will yield superior flexibilty results fast. To get my AIS Rope protocol check out my Combine Freak Training System where I give you the exact same stretching protocol my athletes performing at the NFL Combine use. This protocol can be used before training or running the 40 Yard Dash. By performing this type of stretching you will witness increased flexibility much faster with less damage to muscle tissue.

Train Hard!

Coach Mike Gough

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moose2When I get a new athlete who is coming into train with me for the NFL combine, the first thing I do is talk with the athlete. I ask what are his strengths, limitations, goals, football specific strengths, limitations, and what are his priorities.

I want specifics.

I also educate the athlete on the combine process. One of the items that I think is very important is for athlete to understand what specific tests are most important to their position.

By this I mean which of the combine tests will the scouts place the most emphasis on. This is the order of emphasis and level of focus throughout their training.

We can’t get caught in what the media places emphasis on, we must train for what the scouts look for.

For instance, let take an offensive guard. How do you prioritize the combine tests for an OG? I would start off with the most important to least important. Here goes:

1. 10 yard dash split
2. Pro Agility Shuttle
3. Bench Press 225. lbs.
4. Positional Drills
5. Flexibility Tests
6. L-Cone Agility
7. Vertical Jump
8. Broad Jump
9. 40 Yard Dash

So as you can see here is my priority list in general for an OG. Remember that this is general and that individual limitations apply in certain circumstances that may alter this order.

So breakdown your positional priorities so you can target what the scouts are specifically looking for and your stock will skyrocket!

Coach Mike Gough

P.S. Get the best Combine Preparation Program out there today with the Combine Freak Training System!

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eugene monroe nfl combine trainingWelcome to my new Football Combine Training blog! If you are an athlete, parent, coach or trainer looking to maximize your football combine performance, my tips, exercises and advice will help you perform your best on testing day.

Whether it is learning how to lower your 40 yard dash for the NFL Combine, or increasing your vertical jump for a high school combine, let me help you maximize your potential.

Combine training and preparation is twofold. You must become the best athlete you can possibly be through a combine specific training program that will enhance your strength, speed, agility, power, quickness, and flexibility. And you must master the specific technical cues for each of the football combine tests. By training both of these components you will perform your best on testing day whether it is at the NFL Combine or in front of NCAA coaches.

I encourage you to post comments and ask question to the blog posts as this is how you and others learn, helping you become the best football prospect you can be!

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