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The Best 40 Yard Dash Shoe

I am constantly searching for anything to improve athletic performance of the athletes I train. Whether a pair of shoes, clothing, or training technique I am all ears when it could give my athletes an advantage in the 40 yard dash.
At the NFL Combine this year I was introduced to a new Adidas football cleat [...]

The Best 40 Yard Dash Shoe

As a football combine training specialist, I place alot of emphasis on the 40 yard dash. How the athletes runs the 40 yard dash can have a huge factor on his football future. With so much at stake the little details make a huge difference. For example, what footwear you select to run the 40 [...]

NFL Combine Tests - The Pro Agility Shuttle

Yesterday I was poking around online and found a video on a high school football combine website that made me scratch my head. Let me tell you why…
They had a coach/trainer/timer (not sure his specific title) miked up coaching some high school players through the pro agility shuttle. He was telling them to do everything [...]

How to Run Faster in the 40 Yard Dash

I am often asked and e-mailed by athletes, parents and coaches what they can do to run faster, especially for the 40 yard dash. It seems like everyone is is feeling the need for speed these days. Whom can blame them, it what separates the pros from the joes especially at the NFL Scouting Combine!
So [...]

How to Get a College Football Scholarship

If you are a high school athlete, parent or coach and want to get exposure then follow these tips!
One of my athletes got back from a bunch of one day camps at schools like Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Auburn, Syracuse and Louisville. This athlete, Damien Copeland was a WR at Palmetto High School who runs great [...]

Nfl Combine Bench Press 225 lbs. for 45 reps

Two of the strongest athletes is have every worked with were OL from BYU, Scott Young and Eddie Keele while they were preparing for the NFL Combine ad NFL Pro Day. You want to talk about freakish strength and athleticism, the things these guys would do in the facility would leave everyone in amazement!
Here are [...]

Walls Drills to Run a Fast 40 Yard Dash

One of the simplest drills you can do for improving your acceleration phase of the 40 yard dash is by performing wall drills. These require no high tech equipment and produce great results.
In the 40 yard dash the longer you can accelerate the faster the time you can run. Forward body lean is essential to acceleration.

Wall [...]

Stretching to Lower Your 40 Yard Dash Time

Often one of the most overlooked areas in speed enhancement in particular the 40 yard dash is flexibility training.
Often athletes perform endless bouts of static stretching. Many experts have advocated that static stretches should be held for up to 60 sec. For years, this was known as the gold standard in flexibility training. This type [...]

NFL Combine Training 101 - Target on What the Scouts are Looking For!

When I get a new athlete who is coming into train with me for the NFL combine, the first thing I do is talk with the athlete. I ask what are his strengths, limitations, goals, football specific strengths, limitations, and what are his priorities.
I want specifics.
I also educate the athlete on the combine process. One [...]